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Nationals Trip Information

Hello everyone, just letting you know departure times for the trip and remind those who have not signed up yet to do so asap please.


We will departing from the Walmart parking lot at 18521 Stoney Plain Road


Important not to be late bus leaves at 5:00am SHARP!!!


Best to show up 20min early to get luggage on the bus and the seat you wish


Because we are staying in a suite Hotel and some parents are renting cars we will be doing a food run when we get to Langley to get things to have in your room for breakfasts Cereal, bread for toast snacks for you to have in your room. Lunches will depend on game times but we usually do a group lunch at the venue sandwiches and other lunch items we will have in a cooler for players to eat. dinners will be done determined by game time and coach. Coaches Gerald and Ro U13's, Coach Arvin U15's coach Compton Open Women.


The trip to Cultus Lake Thursday Bus leaves at 8:00am Sharp from Hotel and Returns at 5pm sharp from Cultus lake players are to be in Pairs at all times when at the Lake. No formal plans are made for teams players are free to partake in anything they wish Waterpark, Amusement Park, Or beach, there are restaurants concessions and stores all withing a 200m walk of the beach and drop off and pick up spot.


The bus will be doing a couple of trips to the Sports venue and players may get a chance to come back to the hotel for rest. All players are to keep their backpacks with them with all they need for the day with them. Do Not Bring your own Balls on the trip. Water bottles, Socks, Shoes, Hair ties, Practice Jersey, Warm up Shirt, Game Uniform, to be in your Backpacks at all times.


If you have relatives or Family friends coming to pick you up for any reason make sure Jitka is informed before you do so even if your parents are with you on the trip failing to do so will be benching the next game.


Same rule apply no players in halls of the hotel after 10:00pm

No players alone at anytime always stay in pairs

Do not leave hotel without informing Jitka

No running yelling in the hallways of hotel

Lights out by 11:30


Things come up from time to time, feel free to ask at the time what you are needing and we will help as best we can.


Coach G

Grads Nationals Trip Sign up and Payment Link

Click this Link to Sign up and Pay for Nationals Trip to Langley July 24th to 30th

Full Year and Spring Summer 2025 Girls


2025 Packages for Teams  

September 2024 to September 2025 Full year Program

February to September Spring/Summer Program 

All Welcome!


No Player Left Behind!

We Believe that no players should be cut so we offer 3 divisions of play AA, A, and Rec levels for all abilities and strengths of players, our goal is to let every athlete compete at their level with ability to move up as they grow as a Basketball Player.


Grads 2025 Road to Nationals In Langley B.C Is On 

*Price may be subject to  change due to supplier price changes for gear or transportation costs to Nationals 

Edmonton Grads Basketball Club Goes Year Round! 

U13, U15, High School Girls

Starting Sept 2nd 2024 to Sept  2025

Includes 4 days per Week with: Open Basketball Academy September to February 

Academy access 2024 still available from Open Basketball Academy 

Full year Program Includes:

  • Uniform you keep
  • Practice Jersey
  • Warm up Shirt
  • Back-pack
  • 2 pairs of Grads Socks
  • 5 Tournaments
  • Accommodation and Transportation to Langley for Nationals
  • Accommodation to Away Tournament Including Breakfast
  • 3 months of  Open Basketball Academy Training Sept to January (4 training sessions per week)
  • 1 Practice per week starting February 2 practices per week Starting April 
  • League Play from April to June 1 game per week


Grads Spring/Summer Only

Spring/Summer Only Program includes the following:

  • Uniform you keep
  • Practice Jersey
  • Warm up Shirt
  • Back-pack
  • 2 pairs of Grads Socks
  • 5 Tournaments
  • Accommodation and Transportation to Langley for Nationals
  • Accommodation to Away Tournament Including Breakfast
  • 1 practice per week starting February 2 practices per week Starting April 
  • League Play from April to June 1 game per week


Registration Will be Open for Both Programs with Payment Plans July 23rd

Click Here for Registration




GCSO Tournament 2025 Registration Opens January 1st 2025

 West Side Acura Presents

GCSO 2025 Tournament 

Get all your GCSO weekend information at


Thank you all for your Continued Support! 

Lets make 2025 The Best Ever!!!!

Look Who We Are

Academy Schedule Link

Here is your Link to Academy Dates And Times

We Understand Inflation Hurts Us All

The Grads Understand that the economic times are tough for families and we have responded with Low Costs and Options for Families while still Offering the highest in Training and Competitiveness! Grads Is a not for Profit Club and Fees are based on cost of Events, Gear, Accommodation, Transportation, and Gym Rental. We do not mark up fees to pay for Coaches! We use the money Fund Raised at our Tournament the GCSO to make sure we have NO KID LEFT BEHIND!

GCSO Photos 2023

GCSO Photos 2023

Coaches Wanted


Edmonton Grads are always looking to expand our offering and to do so we need coaches to fill these opportunities. Both Girls and Boys in all levels are welcome to join the Grads family of teams.

How It Works:

The Grads Organization is  Club and Sponsorship Opportunity for Coaches with established teams

Coaches can come with teams already chosen or choose to hold try outs in the Age Groups wanted. U11,U13, U15, and High School Boys and Girls.  Divisions chosen  Gold AA, Silver A, And Rec B-C

Coaches are responsible for filling out budget forms filling, practice gym registrations and out tournament registrations, and Volunteering at the GCSO with Players and Families. 

Grads Provides low fees to players through GCSO earnings, Uniforms, Practice Jersey, Socks, and Bags. First Aid and Taping Kit, Balls, Payment for Gym Time, Payment for Tournaments, Hotel Booking for Travel teams. Mentorship and coach training resources. Coaches Attire, Shirts, Jackets, Business Cards. Just to name a few of the things we offer, if you would like to now more about Joining the Grads please send us an email And we would be glad to discuss the advantages of coaching with the Longest Running Club in Edmonton.

Edmonton Grads Youth Basketball Association

Find out who we are!

GSCO 2024 Countdown June 27th-June 30th,


Edmonton Grads Youth Basketball Association

The Edmonton Grads Youth Basketball Association is a not for profit organization designed to promote basketball within the Edmonton Community. Our main focus is the spring basketball season. This is accomplished through a number of avenues including sponsoring athletes and teams as well as running the Great Canadian Shootout on the first weekend of July each year at the Saville Community Sport Center. 

Contact Us Edmonton Grads Youth Basketball Association

Knee pads They Work!!!!

Basketball Players Don't Take Care of their Knees! 

Over My 37 years of coaching one thing I ask all my players to invest in is knee pads, but time and time again they don't listen due to a number of reasons but none of them are legit!

  • I can't find them
  • I look stupid wearing them 
  • I never fall down
  • I don"t need them

None of these are reasons not to invest in your safety and ability to play hard!!

Knee pads can be found in major sports stores and on line ranging in price from  $11.00 to $80.00......personally the difference between them isn't great so the cheaper the better. 

Nobody Cares what you look like on the court!

Safety is paramount when playing any sport especially a sport played on a hard surface and in full contact with your opponent. 

Knee pads will allow you to hit the floor when diving for loose balls or get flung from an aggressive jump ball battles, and those knee on knee collisions that happen when you don't expect them to.


Amazon has them as low as $9.99 right now!!! (long sleeved and compression are the same as the Mazuno)

Same ones that United Cycle carries for $70.00 online at Amazon they are $36.00

Smart Players Stay Safe