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Corona Virus and Spring Basketball UPDATE

Hello everyone,  due to the mass concern about the corona virus we thought it prudent to let you know what is happening with spring basketball. As of now there is no regular season, that being said, we are still hoping by the time our GCSO tournament is scheduled we will be able to play. As of now if you choose to get a refund please send an email with your players full name and I will process the refund to the card used to pay the registration. there is a $15.00 fee for the processing of the refunds charged by our 3rd party billing that is unavoidable.

The High School Girls AA team will be waiting to see how our tournament schedule  plays out as we have tournament scheduled for later than the rest of the Grads teams.

The U15AA team is currently deciding as a team to do the same process as the High School Girls AA team.

We thank you all for your support and if any new information comes out we will be posting it here. 

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact me at

Kind Regards 

Gerald Bleau

President E.G.Y.B.A

13 Myths about CORONA VIRUS COVID19

This is an informative piece about the Corona Outbreak we are dealing with around the world.

High School Rec Team Selections

Rowyn Kornberger
Teagan Featherstonehaugh
Quinn Gleddie
Kadie Sinclair


Katie  Nadeau
Jordan Dueck


There are 6 players not listed here that will be joining the Rec team.

High School AA Players

Sonja Guan

Ella Fung

Addy Fung

Sydney Soos

Whitney Butler

Libby Prince

Jordyn Nedeau

Mary Pal

Balat Pal

Nayantut Pal

Jenna Holt

Please go to The Registration Page and Register ASAP


These are the players from the selection Feb 23 for the High School AA team there are 3 others that will be joining us not on this list. 

2020 GCSO Registration is Now OPEN

Welcome to 2020! 

This year's GCSO will be held the weekend of June 26 to June 29th 2020 early registration will be up and running the 3rd week of January, with a $30.00 savings per team with early registration.  last year saw a record number of teams enter with the total being over 200 thats a Western Canadian record!!

We hope to repeat the great success we have had over the past 23 years of our annual tournament. Please register your teams early.

Online registration on our site is the only way we will be accepting registration.  ONE SITE ONE PAYMENT EASY FOR ALL TEAMS! is what you asked for and we have responded. 

All games will be 10 minute quarters 4 game Guarantee 

Register Now!


Congratulations to Ryan Gilmore of Edmonton Alberta for winning a $2000.00 travel card from Carlson Wagonlit Travel.

Ticket Number 0563

Parents Must See Video

This video link speaks to how coaches and parents should conduct themselves with Coaches Officials and Their Own Kids! PLEASE WATCH!!!!

Edmonton Grads Youth Basketball Association

Find out who we are!

Knee pads They Work!!!!

Girls playing ball don't take care of their knees! 

Over My 32 years of coaching one thing I ask all my players to invest in is knee pads, but time and time again they don't listen due to a number of reasons but none of them are legit!

  • I can't find them
  • I look stupid wearing them 
  • I never fall down
  • I don"t need them

None of these are reasons not to invest in your safety and ability to play hard!!

Knee pads can be found in major sports stores and on line ranging in price from  $11.00 to $80.00......personally the difference between them isn't great so the cheaper the better. 

Nobody Cares what you look like on the court!

Safety is paramount when playing any sport especially a sport played on a hard surface and in full contact with your opponent. 

Knee pads will allow you to hit the floor when diving for loose balls or get flung from an aggressive jump ball battles, and those knee on knee collisions that happen when you don't expect them to.


Amazon has them as low as $9.99 right now!!! (long sleeved and compression are the same as the Mazuno)

Same ones that United Cycle carries for $70.00 online at Amazon they are $36.00

Smart Players Stay Safe

Edmonton Grads Youth Basketball Association

The Edmonton Grads Youth Basketball Association is a not for profit organization designed to promote basketball within the Edmonton Community. Our main focus is the spring basketball season. This is accomplished through a number of avenues including sponsoring athletes and teams as well as running the Great Canadian Shootout on the first weekend of July each year at the Saville Community Sport Center. 

Contact Us! Edmonton Grads Youth Basketball Association

Contact Us! Edmonton Grads Youth Basketball Association