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Great Canadian Shootout

2020 GCSO Register NOW!!!

The Registration for the 2020 GCSO Great Canadian Shootout is now ready to accept your early registrations and save $30.00 per team until

April 15,2020!!!!

Tournament runs June 26th to June 29th

GCSO Registration 2020

This link is to register your teams for the upcoming GCSO June 26th to 29th 2020

Heidi Zwing

Grads and AYBC Tournament Scheduler and Tournament Official

Saville Centre Parking Map

Saville Centre Parking Map

Savill Centre Parking Map

Please park in only the designated areas, If you park in an inappropriate space you will be tagged and towed. the University is very strict on parking violations. Lot E is the only space for large vehicles like buses and larger vans and trucks.

2020 GCSO Rules


2020 Great Canadian Shoot Out



Saville Centre Site Consideration


  • We ask all teams to respect that we don’t have the resources to clean up their water bottles and ice bags in the bench area after every game so ask the coaches and managers to ensure this is done on the bench you finish at, after every game.
  • Fair play and sportsmanship is expected and will be enforced. Criticizing, trash talking, taunting or other displays of poor sportsmanship by players, coaches or spectators will not be tolerated.  The Grads Tournament organizer and/or game officials may remove spectators from the tournament and/or venue.  Lack of compliance may result in forfeiture of a game.  Fighting by players, coaches or spectators will result in disqualification from the game or tournament at the discretion of the Tournament Organizer. There are no refunds for disqualifications.
  • All spectators must purchase a day or weekend pass during game play.
  • $5 kids under 10 years old per day or $10 weekend pass and Seniors
  • Adults $10 per Day, $20 for weekend pass
  • Family passes $50.00 includes 5 wristbands for weekend 
  • Players and coaches do not require a pass.
  • No outdoor shoes are allowed on the playing surface except in designated spectator areas.
  • Players and spectators are not allowed food or drinks* in the gym areas.  *Only water and sports drinks are permitted.
  • All team gatherings or meetings should be held on the 2nd floor of the Saville Centre to ease the flow of traffic on the main floor.
  • No dribbling basketballs in the hallways!  Players with multiple warnings will be disqualified from next game.
  • No spectators on the court during timeouts or half time or quarter time.
  • No players or spectators encroaching on playing courts during games keep back from baselines and sidelines. No dribbling near courts while games are being played!!!!! Game disqualification will result for multiple warnings.   


Prior to each Game – Coaches, please check with the score table to ensure they have your team name and received the current game roster prior to the start of each game.


Game Rules – FIBA

  • 9 minute stop time quarters, 1 minute break between quarters, 5 minute break at half.
  • Time limits – Game slots are 1 hour and 30 minutes and games should not exceed 1 hour and 15 minutes.  Part or all of the fourth quarter may be run at straight time to ensure a game is completed in the time allotted. For games with less than a 10 point differential, the last one or two minutes should always be stop time. Time management is the decision of the game officials, their supervisors or Tournament Organizer.
  • Time-Outs –  30 seconds- Two in the first half, two in the second half, one in OT
  • Warm-Up; A minimum of 6 minutes and a maximum of 15 minutes will be granted for pre-game warm-ups depending on the time the previous game finished.
  • 24-second shot clock The officials will provide a 10 second warning.
  • 8-second back court rule
  • Defenses: All types of defenses, (zone and man to man), and presses, (full and half), will be allowed.
  • A 25 pointmercy rule” will be utilized and coaches, in the demonstration of fair play, should self enforce this rule but officials may step in to enforce no back court press. In U11-U13-U15 Not High School Or Open divisions.
  • Overtime games will be first team to score 5 points wins. Clock will be set to 5 minutes to start.
  • Only 20 points of each game will be used to determine standings, playoff positions etc. This means if a team wins by 30 points that team would be recorded as +20 and the losing team a - 20.  This will avoid the necessity of a team having to “run up” a 40-point victory because the other team in their division won by 39 points.
  • Seeding is determined by games won or lost, then head to head, then points for and against.
  • All On-Site Officials and Game Supervisors decisions are final and binding.
  • All Ball sizes; Boys size 7; Girls size 6. U13 boys are size 6.(Molten  balls are not approved for use this tournament)
  • The High School (closest to the basket) 3-point line will be used for all divisions.
  • Any disputes must be recorded on the back of the game sheet.
  • All score and timekeepers are volunteers from the Edmonton Grads
  • Participants can only play on one team unless otherwise granted an exclusion from tournament director.
  • Carded officials will be utilized.


Game Time Management:


Tournament play will often cause problems for scheduling due to the level of penalties, injuries or overtime.  These new game time management rules are based on a proactive time management approach and will help to maintain the competitive aspects of the final minutes of our games while allowing officials to address time concerns directly and collaborate with coaches on specific situations to get schedules back in sync.  To do this, coaches and officials must be aware of the actual time it takes to play each quarter or half.  Quarters should take approximately 15 minutes to play, a half approximately 35.  If teams are starting the second half more than 45 minutes after the initial start time, the game is likely going beyond the allotted time and these rules will allow officials to reasonably recover time.


An example of situations where officials should be proactive and make adjustments is when a first half takes more than 35 minutes to play prior to the half time break or when a game is starting late due to a time and subsequent overtime. In these cases, the official may have to consider one of the following scenarios;


  • When a game has reached the half way point and it is likely to go over the end of the time slot, the officials may cut the quarters to 7 or 8 minutes stop time at the start of each quarter in the second half.  They may also shorten the half time though we prefer not too. 
  • If a game must start late by more than 10 minutes due to previous games running over time, officials can run stop time for 8 minutes in the first two quarters instead of 9 minutes.  In this situation, if the time has not been recovered due to further in game timing issues such as penalty or injuries, the maximum the officials can do in is cut 1 minute per quarter in the second half.  This should be cut prior to the start of the quarter but can be done in quarter in the first three quarters but only prior to the start of the 4th quarter.
  • The only exception is as follows: If a game is near or past the scheduled finish time and the coach that is behind on the scoreboard, is behind significantly, the officials may approach the coach and run straight time without that coach’s approval.  Straight time can be run in this situation for more than the last 3 minutes and cannot be requested by the officials if the game will finish within the scheduled window. 
  • These are the only time management options open to officials without further approval of the tournament organizer and the teams involved except where specified.


Age of Participants:


  • Divisions are based on birth year Jan-Jan.
  • U15 is players not currently in High School During the 2019/20 year  
  • The 2019/20 School year is the benchmark so players who just graduated are still considered grade 12.

We expect all teams to abide by this in fair play standards, tournament director will have final say as to issues.


National Club Basketball Championship

The Edmonton Grads, AYBC and NCBC are happy to announce that the GCSO will be a supporting tournament for the National Club Basketball Championship held in Langley B.C. August long weekend. 

It has been a long time coming that Club Basketball has its own National Championship.

Grads will be sending 3 teams to Nationals this 2019 year U15 Girls (AA) U17 Girls (AA) and an Open Girls team.

Information on the Championship can be found at the link